More about NašeVý
get know a few more functions, which are offered by this application

Unique and well-arranged introductory

Thanks to the dashboard, you always have the overview about the recent status of your accounts. The most important indicators are labeled with different colors, in order to not search for information for ages.

Overview and management of expenses

In the bookmark expenses, you will find the list of all of your expenses with the option of simple filtration according to requested account, month, or year. In this site is added the overview of categories and the sum of expenses, which belong to the particular category.

Overview and management of incomes

In the bookmark incomes, you will find the list of all of your incomes, with the option to filter according to requested account and year. This site is added by an overview of months with the sum of incomes, which were inscrolled in particular month.

Monitoring of guarantee on purchased goods

With this application, you can simply monitor the guarantee on goods, which you have purchased. All you need to do is just to tick the field "monitor the guarantee" during the evidence of the expense, and to type number of years of the guarantee. Subsequently, in the bookmark you can see an overview of goods and remaining time, during which is the guarantee valid.

Monthly/yearly overviews

In the bookmark overviews, you will find overviews of your incomes and expenses in the form of diagrams, during a month or a year, which you will choose by the filter.

More users for one account More accounts for one user

You can simply share one family account with your husband/wife. The second with your employee. And another account can be your private account. It is up to you, which criteria you will set for the particular account.

Management of expenses categories

Categories, in which you classify your expenses, can be easily managed in bookmark "Categories of expenses". You can rename existing ones, create new ones, or to delete those, which are not suitable.

Responsive design

The application is evaluating the parameters of your device and will always automatically adapt the design and projection to the device, on which you are using it at the moment. No matter if it is your computer, tablet or mobile phone.